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26 June 2030 @ 09:56 pm
✖ B L O G C R E W S ✖  

Latest update : March 21, 2009

【 alohaaa 】
is my BESTFRIEND and it'll never change~

『ATAE SHINJIRO』 Is my everything

{ shinjiro atae }

Tell me that you love me
That you've waited for me
Please tell me this isn't a dream

Dr. Atae Shinjiro gave me a lick of his lollipop when I was sick

Dressing upis more {C}fun when I'm with PhotobucketShinjiro AtaePhotobucketbecause italways ends up being a strip show

I exchange love
notes in class with

I am really-really-really willing
[ to ]

spend the rest of my LIFE with you,,

And so { Shinjiro Atae } fell in love with { straw-chan }

~SHINJIRO ATAE«Is all that I'm living for» ~

Me and [SHINJIRO ATAE's] conversation last night:
[STRAW-CHAN]: " You're always so kind and thoughtful, that's why I love you."
[SHINJIRO ATAE]: " I can be a bad boy too~. Do you want to see?"
And the other is not suitable to tell. ;>

I love you baby & I’m never gonna stop

< when the sun SHINESwe'll shine togetherShinjiro Atae

this morning, Shinjiro Atae send me this message :

Tomorrow, the next day,
I'll be thinking of you thinking of me,
without any notice at all.

and that simple message from him made me...

Shinjiro Atae, i will see through your secrets. ♥♥

"Don't stop, more” I'm trying to see how your lips feel babe
All we need is body language
And now I know, I'm falling for you and I just can't lie
I won't go nowhere cuz I'm your man tonight


Shinjiro Atae, i can tell you want me too.

Last night, ∫Shinjiro Atae∫ told me, "I want to lick you like a lollipop."

¤Shinjiro Atae¤ -Everyone's Favorite Lollipop-

Photobucket →SHINJIRO ATAE← Let me taste his ♥Paradise♥

Photobucket « Shinjiro Atae » & I will create our own ×Secret Paradise×

Photobucket ∴Shinjiro Atae∴ & I had ≈SEX ON THE BEACH≈ cause he's my little Freak~

Shinjiro Atae, please know that you’re that one for meIt’s clear for everyone »» to see ««

always wakes me up with kiss ~

I convinced (Shinjiro Atae) to run away with me


In your arms I :::finally::: breathe

Lock me up in all your love//

It's the {oxygen} I need↵↵

Boom boom boom, I want 『 Shinjiro Atae 』 in my room

{Shinjiro Atae} and I will be making our own fireworks
this 4th of July ... and we won't even have to leave the bedroom

STRAWIE's heart and soul
property of Shinjiro Atae

i have a girl crushon CHIAKI ITO. ♥

The album blogcrew «CHOICE IS YOURS»

» Shinjiro Atae « got a taste of my cotton candy last night

<ATAE SHINJIRO> is my LOVE ADDICT ~ Come light my fire!

Shinjiro Atae was about to ask me out...

but Dory stole him away from me!
Feeling: lovedloved
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