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『 君と明日もまた新しい 人生を始めよう 』

Will you join me on a brand new journey again tomorrow?

strawie~ ♪ ☆
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Inne Larasati. Inne/Neechan/Auntie/Unnie/whatever. A fangirl who spend most of her time with busy college activities, music, dance, strawberry and adoring blue sky. Beside, she learns Japanese language too currently in the 1st level, a beginner level. Do editing a lot, she means for photoshop. Loves blubbing about fandom and meet new friends! ^-^

Pink means U-KISS and rainbow means ARASHI. Both of them are my main fandoms. I stuck with a brat named Ninomiya Kazunari and a cheesy-dork-romantic leader named Shin SooHyun. And some of you knows that I've been obsessed into AAA's Atae Shinjiro :D

U-KISS - ARASHI - AAA (Attack All Around) - Kanjani8 - Tackey & Tsubasa - Fairies - AKB48 - Hello! Project - V6 - Kis-My-Ft2 - Hey! Say! JUMP - NEWS - Perfume - Ikimono Gakari - BRIGHT - GIRL NEXT DOOR - Mai Kuraki - Momoiro Clover - WaT - Nishino Kana - Tokyo Girls' Style - Co.Ed School - INFINITE - B2ST - BtoB - CNBLUE - G.NA - IU - Jang Na Ra - K.Will - SISTAR - NU'EST - SHINee - SPICA - Sunny Hill - One Day - LEDApple

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